Round Banneton Baskets


Round bannetons out of rattan in all standard sizes. Our baskets are 100% made out of the natural rattan plant, without any chemical addictives. Perfect for baking bread in a traditional and healthy way.

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Order here all standard sizes of round shapes. For baking in a traditional and healthy way, you wont find any better proofing baskets. We manufacture with our partner in Vietnam. The only material we use, is natural rattan form an sustainable producing farm in Laos.

Find the right size for your sourdough

Inside top length of the baskets Dough Weight Range
16cm 450g to 550g
20cm 550g to 750g
21.5cm 750g to 1kg
25cm 1kg to 1.3kg
28cm 1.3kg to 2kg


Why using rattan baskets?

While proofing the bread dough needs to “breath”. It will draw air. Because of the natural attributes of the rattan plant, the dough can breath trough the form. Other proofing baskets out of plastic containing addictives, which are in contact with the dough while proofing. The consequences for the health of your customers are hardly predictable, but a natural material is the better way for baking organic bread. For sourdough bread the use of the bannetons is the traditional European way, but for sure they are suitable for all kind of bread.

For more information about the proofing process and different techniques have a look in the proofing article in wikipedia.

How to use the basket

If you unsure how to use the baskets, have a look at this video tutorial

Please notice: Don’t put the proofing baskets in the oven! If you have a special proofing oven for baking bread, you can use the baskets in this one. The temperature of the proofing oven is quite low, usually a little bit over ambient temperature. In this case it’s fine to use the product. But don’t put the basket in a normal oven while baking the bread!

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  1. steve (verified owner)

    Thanks – the basket worked great

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