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What’s so special about bannetons?

Our baskets are made a 100 per cent out of the rattan plant. While proofing air can circulate and the liquid level of the dough will be regulated by the banneton because of the natural characteristics of the rattan plant. We manufacture the baskets in Vietnam, using no chemical additives. They are very stable, light and long lasting. Since many years we sell this product in Europe and we win more and more bakers for using our proofing baskets. 2015 I decided with an Australian friend to create an online shop for Australia and bring some stock Down Under.

How do I use a banneton

First you need to spread plenty of flour on the form, otherwise the dough wont come of later. Then you mix flour and water and put the dough into the the basket. After the proofing you put the dough upside down on your baking paper or baking blade and remove the rattan basket. Now you can put the dough in the oven, it’ll keep the shape of the basket.

Please notice: Don’t put the baskets in a baking oven. If you use a special proofing oven, you might be able to use the baskets with it, if the temperature is just a little over room temperature.

For what kind of bread can I use it?

All kinds. The bannetons can be used with all bread doughs which needs to proof. Especially, when you want to bake bread in a traditional and healthy way, you should try our baskets. When using forms out of plastic or other non natural materials, the dough gets in contact with different additives while proofing and drawing air. For healthy organic bread, you should think about using natural proofing baskets.

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